Sunday, April 1, 2012

These days everywhere I hear the word FRIENDSHIP…I myself strongly believed in it once…yeah once but that doesn’t means I don’t believe it anymore. Over the years like anybody else I also made lot of friends and had variety of experience and after having those experience I have or should I say was compelled to categorize them as follows :-

1. The screen friends :- The most harmless category, they just like to be the best with you across the lcd, don’t expect them to stand besides you in real.

2. The scavengers :- As the name suggests they are there only to pick up anything left over by you and as long as its free…They disappear from your life the moment you make them pay even for a can of beer.

3. The Jackasses :- These are the people you come across the most. From exterior they come across as very harmless and loving and caring but the moment you confide to them the very next day onwards they will treat you like shit and run all over you. These kind of jackasses have taught me one valuable lesson…’Do not confide to anyone except God or just be ready to be pooped on’.

4. The Parasites :- These are the so called friends who become friends only to suck your blood, your peace, your happiness , your prosperity and everything that is good about you. And even after doing all that they still expect you to be friends with them. When you are friends with such people you will totally forget about the term called personal space. You will become a subject to their disgusting gossips all the time. They are pretty good at creating issues within your family members your close friends and everything to the extend that all you do is just think about them the whole day and nothing else. My suggestion on these category of people is that if you are married or in relationship and have a sound family life, just keep these creatures away…..

5. The Fucking Bastards :- This category is the most dangerous I tell you. They come across as very innocent , lovable , selfless but actually they are the most selfish and jealous creatures you can ever think off. They suck your money, your time, your name, your friends, your well wishers , your family, your loved one and make you totally dependent on them. The moment you recognize their talent they even go to an extend of occult practice and hurt your loved ones to pull you down on your knees infront of them. My suggestion on these category is that the moment you discover their talents just beat the holy crap out of them and rattle their ancestors to the extend that they shit even at the thought of you….

6. Just friends :- The rarest category, so bloody hard to find. People who don’t judge you and at the same don’t say flowery things to bloat your balls. People who don’t treat you according to the clothes you wear and how you look and how much you spend on them…People who stand by you in all seasons without expecting you to do so…..


Blush said...

Aware of the experiences, feels gd to see you open up your heart in writing again. Keep it rolling..


kalpna said...

amazinggggg read...and so bang on...for 2 years i had a combo of 4 n 5 in my life...gosh!! is sooo life like again after i kicked her out...keep writing big guy...:))

Southpaw unplugged said...

Thanks girls I know both of you had your share of hopelessness due to such people that's why shared this with you:-)