Monday, April 23, 2012

Hyporcricy at its best!!!

Sunny Leone has been a talk of the town in India since she appeared in the last season of Bigg Boss.  After knowing her porn background, people have been showering her with tweets, messages and what not to welcome her in the mainstream industry
 As expected the Butts have gone a step forward to launch her in a movie as well, and the reason given is she deserves to be on the mainstream. And reading all this makes me wonder, how come? Why? I mean I am not against her I would love to see her on big screen anyday 

but what happens to the ones that we have in our own backyard…Don’t they deserve any chance, They hardly get one…why? Is it their colour of the skin or its again the case of ghar ki murghi daal baraabar?? I am really puzzled and to an extent very pissed off with this whole act of hypocricy by our own people towards our own people….
Don't even dare to come and tell me about how we recently made a movie with Vidya Balan to potray Silk Smitha, it wasnt a fair game either....

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Anonymous said...

Double Standards I guess......