Thursday, November 13, 2008

Offlate i noticed a lot of blogs discussing abt the difference of real world and virtual world, the difference in relationships in both conditions, etc, etc, etc...And by God it has surely caught my i really gave some thought on the subject and here's what i feel...

# There r a bunch of ppl who got into this so called VIRTUAL world to see new ppl, pass some free time and leave.
This set of ppl i think has been consistently psychologically harmless, they tend to choose set of pages they like, contribute their feelings on certain topics once in a while and carry on with no attatchments.

# Some came into this place who started blogging considering it like an electronic diary and jotted whatever they had in their minds and felt like sharing with the world.
This set of ppl r the most vulnerable ones. They shared almost everything with the world got connected emotionally with lot of them out there only to know that half of them dont even tread in the same line. Thats where their own belief of being this place REAL starts shaking. I mean in the last 4 years i hv seen it all out here, observed a lot of them very closely and by God now i myself feel why i spent so much time here. My agenda was only to disconnect myself from my real world which is way too ugly for sometime in a day, but now i realise that its still better, i know whats ahead of me, i know whatever it is will strike me face on. Something that annoys me the most is the comparison between the real and the virtual world. If it is so evident for them then why do they connect emotionally with anybody out here? They say that its only that we all blog together and visit each other regularly otherwise if some day any of us stops blogging for a long time, is that feeling gonna continue? well my counter question is that doesnt that happens in reality, we all hv friends, some close, some so on, there r times when some of us hv to go far away from the rest and the rest or u r not able to catch up with each other for a long time, things do get rusty, isn't it? so whats the point in comparison? I hv also seen many who r very close to each other on the blogs, but in person they might hv never seen each other or dont even intend to do so, well either its still that they dont hv enough of each other or the basic comparison is dominating their brains over the mutual feeling they hv for each other. Ofcourse i dont blame their attitudes towards each other, afterall we all hv different levels of thoughts and actions.

# Some came here and started only with an intention to malign other ppl's feeling out here, abuse them infront of the world and take pleasure in their sorrows. I found two categories of ppl in this set, one, who r strictly assholes upfront and the other is the category of ppl who are wolves under sheep skin! I mean for some they r so adorable and well behaved, but the moment u back check them they r nothing but spineless...

Sigh...anyway so far my journey hasn't been a regretfull one, i did came to know a few of them out here who r now my very good friends and for me this page is only a mean of communication to keep in touch with the ones whom i dont get to see regularly or talk regularly.

Thats all for now, bored u guys enough...:)


Keshi said...

Really well-written Southy!

u and I hv been in Blogville longer than most of the ppl who r here now. And we hv now come to realise some patterns in some ppl.

**Something that annoys me the most is the comparison between the real and the virtual world

I truly agree with u on that! Real or Virtual, ppl r ppl. Its pretty obvious from the way they behave on the net, cos thats what they'd be like in real life too. The 2 cant be compared cos PEOPLE r who they r, regardless of the place.

I hv friends who r wolves in sheep's clothing. Some of em surprised me with the malice they had against me, underneath all that suga coated words. Over a small dispute, they showed their true colors.

But its good I got to know them too. Cos thats what makes my life meeting such ppl too and growing thru all those experiences.

Im glad I hv few friends like u, Amy, Uttsy and Ish who hv always proved to me that a connection can remain REAL on the net too. Hence, the net and real life r all the same, no matter what ppl say.



Southpaw unplugged said...


I hv friends who r wolves in sheep's clothing. Some of em surprised me with the malice they had against me, underneath all that suga coated words. Over a small dispute, they showed their true colors.

But its good I got to know them too. Cos thats what makes my life meeting such ppl too and growing thru all those experiences.*******I feel completely opposite on this. When i sense something bad abt somebody i always want myself to end up wrong and when it doesnt happens, i feel even more worse! During those saby, sebia, TT,Ektz days, i had access to certain technlogies and when i used to know abt them i felt really very sorry for their state...Anyway now the new bunch is smarter, has a different way of action than them, but r very easy to recognize!

Keshi said...

I know...I feel bad FOR them but not for myself. I feel sad but its their misery.

Saby got it tight from me when I finally banned him from my blog for good. I gave him far too many 2nd chances for his scum antics. I cant believe I let him do that to me for so long!


Keshi said...

And the new crowd is smarter yes...and I see less anon abuse tho.


uttara said...


kya chamaat mara hai! lols

i'm really sick of new ppl venturing into my blog so i made it pvt. ( u knw the reason y ? :P )

The blog need not be a mode where i need to communicate to ppl.. it can happen w.o that also :)

but ye chammat kiskeliye tha??? :P

uttara said...


**and I see less anon abuse tho.

but the bottom line is ppl still abuse anon or not :)

Kiran Sawhney said...

you have categorized it all so well. Since you have lot of experience on blogging, so you could compartmentalize it. I am fairly new. I stick to my own topic of health and fitness and life. I have made some good friends and so far the journey has been good. real and does not concern me.

Keshi said...

yes Uttsy but ABUSE happens in real life too, not only online. :)


uttara said...


either ways it's in ur hands how to tackle it :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah glad he is gone now...he was really a menace for a lot of them out there...

Kisiko chamaat nai maar raha, sirf apna experience share kar raha hu....

real and does not concern me.****Thats how i myself do...

Anonymous said...

Well..well..for me too...not much diff between real and virtual world as in both worlds you can continue relations with those whom you like..and for rest you can cutoff (or in sum cases you can tell them kindly to FO....:P)

In my case though virtual is the world where I can be a WOMAN..a real myself..not that am hiding that woman behind the mask of wifey/mom/sister/daughter in the real...but virtual world helps a person like me in opening up...shedding inhibitions...who otherwise choose to stay tight lipped in certain issues solely due to my innate nature. So for me net is my solace..confidante...!



Sweetstickychewy said...

There is so much truth in there Raj..So much truth that not many speak about and dig about. And you did it so profoundly placing a finger on each one. :)

Cheerios buddy!:D This post indeed speak much..:)

Keshi said...

**either ways it's in ur hands how to tackle it

I agree Uttsy. But in blogville, making my blog private doesnt mean tackling the issues. for such a open-hearted person like me, that wud be like becoming someone else.

to be honest, the current miseries I hv r not related to any abuse. its to do with just 2 old friends that I had in blogville. The rest of 100s of ppl that comes to my blog r nice ppl. And Im not gonna run away from it all just cos of 2 ppl who lack character :)

I think tackling probs either in real or net life, has to come from within...we cant do that by creating external walls such making the blog private etc. Comment moderation is good enough for me..but I dun even get nasty comments anymore :) which is great.

See u all when I get bak. TC n HUGS!


Southpaw unplugged said...

I understand ur case...u belong to the category for whom this concept and technology works positively to shed inhibition and express openly with whoever u choose to...:)

:)Thanks prettygirl...

I think the decision u took right now is okay! Looking forward to see u rejuvenated again...:)

uttara said...


it's an opinion and not imposing of thoughts...

and if you say those 100 ppl r nice.. i go by wat u say .. but i don't trust any new guys here..

now i really can't..may be i've gone to a different level.. :)