Friday, November 14, 2008

It was a normal day yesterday, Usually my day doesnt ends early but it did and then i got a call from a friend. We had a brief chat,but somehow i was not comfortable with her tone so i texted her back asking abt it. She called back again and assured me that things were fine, but somehow i wasn't covinced. Then we just discussed abt each other's schedule for the rest of the evening, mine was a lil unhealthy so i asked her if she wud like to catch up for dinner...after a few formal arguements she agreed. She was already hanging out at a coffee shop at Changi airport so i asked her to wait there only. Yeah changi airport is one of the very few airports in the world where ppl do hang-up, there r some very nice coffee shops and bar there.

And then i dont know whether its a coincidence or a curse, whenever i give time to somebody the traffic has to fuck up big time irrespective of any city including a highly disciplined city like singapore as well! Anyway fortunately the lady was waiting in a comfortable place so i was a bit assured. Finally i reached abt 20-25mins late and wow a gorgeous girl with naughty eyes waved at me...hey i m here! :) yeah that was our prettygirl amy...:) I dont know what pretty settings she wanted to hv and was talking abt, fact of the matter is she was looking absolutely pretty...:)

Then we spent about two and a half hours chatting abt various stuffs abt each other, also a bit abt her interest in psychology, human behaviour. Time flew like a jet plane & then we realised it was pretty late and time to go. We had a small arguement on our mode of transportation as well, finally i won that arguement ofcourse and i dropped her back near her house and then went back home. It was a fantastic evening i had in a long long time and i m really thankfull to the prettygirl for doing it. And folks! i dont call her prettygirl just like that, she is really an amazing person, beautifull, smart and intelligent...:)


Keshi said...

I got ur txt and I came here just to check this post.

WOW Im so glad u 2 met! Seems like a wonderful evening together. All I can say is that u 2 r quite lucky to hv met each other somehow! How great is this. :) Amy n Southy u both rock!

oops I gtg now...TC n be well tata!


uttara said...
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uttara said...

i'm glad u met her..:)

Sweetstickychewy said...

*smiles* Smiles Smiles...:)

Thank you so much Rajbir..

And you know how i said you could take your time..Even if its for an hour since our meeting was a spontaneous one..:)

You've been such a pleasure and i am so glad we met!:D

Sweetstickychewy said...

And a girl with naughty eyes??!! LOL!! really? haha

Southpaw unplugged said...

Yes it was a pleasure meeting her...:)

I m glad too...:)

And you know how i said you could take your time..Even if its for an hour since our meeting was a spontaneous one..:)***Yeah and thank u so much for bearing with the inconvenience...:P

You've been such a pleasure and i am so glad we met!:D***It was indeed a pleasure...:)

And a girl with naughty eyes??!! LOL!! really? haha***Yeah...:)ur eyes r very naughty...:D

Sweetstickychewy said...

**Yeah...:)ur eyes r very naughty...:D

hahahaha! Whoops! And ya eyes are so genuine Raj.:) I can't possibly disagree with Sunita's poem abt how ya eyes holds no disguise. I literally experienced that.

Take care aites..

And have a good weekend ahead!;D

Southpaw unplugged said...

Thanks for the compliment prettygirl...:)
U hv a great weekend as well...:)


Anonymous said...

I believe whenever its "1st time" ....whether we meet sumone...or sumthing happens to has its own charm..thrill...!

happy for you.



Pecos Blue said...

She is a lucky girl. The more I learn about you seem like a very nice person. Go Amy!

Anonymous said...



shooting star said...

reading this meeting reminds me of our meeting......
and you reached earlier than me in our case!!!

Kiran Sawhney said...

You seem to be totally smitten by her beauty. Also I like this concept of Changi airport, where a person can go and have coffee. Delhi should also have it.

Southpaw unplugged said...

u r damn right...:)

@Pecos blue
we both are...:)

:)yah obviously coz i didntgave u any specific timings n u had to come from ur work straight away...:)

I was smitten by her inner beauty right from the first day i read her blog...I spontaneously called her prettygirl right from that day and after meeting her in person i was glad that i was damn right...:)
Yeah changi airport is really unique in tht way, i hv seen newly weds coming there and getting clicked as well...

starry nights said...

Looks like you had a wonderful evening.How are you doing?