Saturday, January 26, 2008

Does she know how the world is different since we met?
Can she see this shiny new creation that appeared with her?

Does she know that I think of her continuously?
That sometimes I can't sleep for fear of missing her.

Does she feel my heart beat for her and her alone?
Sometimes it does so loudly I think she could hear it regardless of the distance.

Does she trust the words I tell her?
They are only words but they are all I have to give to her.

Can she see that I will never mislead her?
That I will give every minute of my life to make her happy.

Does she know that I love her?

Courtesy:-Brian Le Mon


uttara said...

hey sweets..

you r completely in love all over. she is the most luckiest person as i always say..

***Does she know that I love her?

she MUST read this and get the message LOUD and CLEAR ...


shooting star said...

nice!!!!....bhabiji is one lucky woman...and so are you!!!...

Jewel Rays said...

:) She does.

How are u doing Southpaw? Its been a while.

Would ya mind adding a new invitation to ya blog via this add. Hope its not too much trouble.


Southpaw unplugged said...


Thanks, and i'll be there at ur page soon...:)

I m fine prettygirl, how u doing?:)

Jewel Rays said...

Hello Southpaw. It was so good to receive a comment from ya today. :D Good to hear ya presence in the blogsville.:)

Great to knw u are fine. I am doing goodz.:D

And yeah i made a mistake. My email is

Apologise for the inconvenience aites. Thanks.:)

Take care .

Southpaw unplugged said...

Yeah its been a while m abit irregular, hv been busy with work, helping my friend whose father is admitted in the hospital, my mumma's health...sigh!

Apologise for the inconvenience aites. Thanks.:)***Hope that other id doesnt belongs to anybody orelse someday we hv one more amy here...:D