Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Los siete días en la India

Sunday afternoon...:)called up ishi to check whether she was home or out, then decided to catch up with her in the afternoon. Also picked up some fancy sweetdish for the lunch...After i reached her place, ishi mommy served some home made vegetarian food, i though chose rice, lintels and fried potatoes...:D typical bengali veggy food...:D I love the preparation and the combination and such food one can only find at a bengali's place or at someone with a bengali background...:) Unfortunately i had to leave abruptly as my mom wanted me to reach somewhere and fix up a social obligation, so i finished my lunch had my usual black coffee and rushed. But anyway at her place for me i never plan much , its as good as going to my own place. Next day the kids got unwell a bit, fortunately they recovered on time and i hope they r in perfect shape now...:) Rajeev also looked a bit down after going thru the viral fevers, hope he is also perfectly fine...:)

On tuesday evening i was in mumbai so caught up with my bootylicious one uttara...:) The snap u seeing here doesnt actually justifies her looks these days...someone's become a fitness freak offlate and looks smokin' HOT! I was glad she took time out of her extremely busy schedule for me to spend the evening...:) The hotness had few shots of vodka and was just rocking...:) and yeah not to forget even though she does her best to escape i did slapped her plumpyass...:D as usual we chatted and chatted and had loads of fun. I just love her attitude of always smiling away the blues....:) In march i might go to delhi for few days again, i asked her to come there for holidays, hope she can make it...:)

On friday i had some work in ghaziabad so before starting i called up Sush(Sushmita) whom u all know as shooting stars in the blogworld...Last time since it was a very tight schedule i cudnt catch up with her so this time didnt want to miss it...:) We decided to catch up at a mall in ghaziabad after finishing our work...we got into a nice silent pub to hv some drinks and relax...Ofcourse the pub manager screwed up the silence for a while by playing garba...lol yeah garba and we had to tell them to switch it off immediately...Overall it was a nice relaxing time we had. I asked her to plan to come to singapore and indonesia with her doctor sometime, i hope she does that someday in future...:) Then we winded up after a couple of hours as she had to relieve her driver and i had to reach home early to do my packing for the tour next day...:) Next time ard i hope we can spend some more time in leisure...:) And yeah before i forget i just loved her new hair-cut...:)
And last but not by any means the least, my prettygirl amy...:) Fortunately yesterday we both finished our work on time and free as well so decided to catch up at our regular place, Changhi airport's T2. She was there well before i reached catching up with books in a book store and when she came out, whoa....she was looking stunning! :P Actually stunning is such a small word, she was glowing and shining like a star...:) Then we unwinded at our usual restaurant, she didnt wanna hv her usual frozen margarita so i ordered red wine for her which got on to her nerves a lil bit, but thankfully she was fine after sometime...Since we met up after a long time so we chitchated on many things. Then she bought me some coffee before leaving and let me tell u honestly when i started from home i was terribly tired coz of my long journey and lack of sleep, but when we winded up from there i was totally rejuvenated and afresh...:) After reaching home i slept like a log, woke up at 9 today...:D

And just like i mentioned in my last post, its always good to hangout with people who are close to you coz they know you are an idiot...:) Its so true...all these fantastic people make an idiot like me feel so good...:)


Sweetstickychewy said...

The Wine was a great experience. =) I would totally do that again. but yes i won't forget the nerves.lol..:P

it was awesome seeing you after along time too..:)


ishita said...

:) ... u ate nuthin ... well almost nuthin!!! not at all happy with the meal we served! and sad that we cldn't meet up again as planned! *sigh*... but there's always next time!!! :)

and cliched as it sounds - "apna ghar samajh ke aate raho!" :P

ps: cldn't get arnd online ystrdy coz puks got home early...infact he'll be back by 12:30 pm everyday now...exam time in school and end of session coming up!

Southpaw unplugged said...

The Wine was a great experience. =) I would totally do that again. but yes i won't forget the nerves.lol..:P***Hahahaha...dont worry, like i told u even if u drown urself in it u'll still feel the same...:D Its one of the safest...:)

it was awesome seeing you after along time too..:)***Absolutely prettygirl...:)Hugggzz:)

What r u saying ishita? Mai jaisa dikhta hu utna khata nai hu yaar...:P I ate my routine portion and when i m eating veggies then i only eat lentils and fried potatoes...:) I never mix too many things then it spoils my taste, thats why i avoided the rajma and curd...:)

sad that we cldn't meet up again as planned! *sigh*... ***Dont be sad, it was an unavoidable situation...and yes there's always the next time...:)

uttara said...

wah wah wha...

1st n foremost i loveeeeeeee the food at ishi's place specially the fried potates is my favvvvvvvv she knows i hog when prepared :d (drools)

and yes u need not thank me at all you know it well right?... and this time we fortunately didnt fight..lol ( naah on 2nd thoughts we did..:p ..lol) i've again put on after Goa trip.. but my routine will start from 2moro.. lol after 2 shots of vodka.. was it 2 or 3.. thoda memory loss hai short term ..lolllll

u'll neva escape slapping me right? lolss...

** just love her attitude of always smiling away the blues....:)

u always say that.. i dont think thats true anymore :D i just have become a cribby baby...lol

and in march i'm planning too lets see * touchwood * u know y :) chutti milna kitna much much hai pata hai na?? and i wanna meet ishi rajiv and their kids... goshhhh mujhe ishi maar daalegi..

by the wayyy.. i'm happy u n amy catch up cos in that bz bz schedule u need someone who can lighten your day's tiredness.. :)

n muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

thank u for the push else i woudlnt be goign to the gym u know i'm a lazy bum ....:D

shooting star said...

it was nice spending time wid you...and i wish too dat next time we meet up , we have lots more time on our hands...you know there's one place i would love to hang out with you which i also had mentioned to you this time when we met, that's blues in CP...it's kind of pub im sure u wud love....
and ofcourse singapore and malaysia

Anonymous said...

How can i afford to miss slapping that beautifull ass???:D

thank u for the push else i woudlnt be goign to the gym u know i'm a lazy bum ....:D***Its for ur own good baby...:)

you know there's one place i would love to hang out with you which i also had mentioned to you this time when we met, that's blues in CP*****Next time we'll go there for sure...:)

starry nights said...

looks like you had an awesome day.Have a great weekend Raj.

Southpaw unplugged said...


Keshi said...

Wonderful Southy! U hv ALL ur dearest friends in this list :) Keep enjoying life with the ppl u love!

Im off now. I dunno whether I'll be bak. Im much into closure with the blog world. So until I see u again, goodbye! It was a wonderful experience. TC!



Keshi said...
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