Saturday, January 17, 2009

If u remember a few months back i wrote a post on the devastating martial art from indonesia Pencak Silat. As i mentioned during that time that unlike other martial arts Pencak silat is not taught very generously by the masters, they pass on the knowledge only if they are impressed with the student and ofcourse some very close recommendation as well.

When i went there last december my friend did her best to recommend me and finally the master has agreed, so now i m pushing for a ten days leave and once its sanctioned i will go to east java soon. In the meantime i gotta start the spiritual training called Kebatinin or Limu. Its very important to do this in order to prepare mentally and physically for the violence and the consequences of the combat. Each master has his own ways of amulets and prayers and he chooses to pass on the mystic amulet according to his student's character and ability. I was given the tooth of the tiger, which means after kebatinin when i actually perform the silat it should reflect the fighting attributes of a tiger that is tenacity, courage,mystery and daring ferocity. Since last one week i m doing my best and training seriously every morning, infact i have lost about 10 kgs so far and by the time i go there i intend to get more leaner and stronger...

There is an old saying among Silat people that goes, "You do not choose Silat, Silat chooses you!" By the nature of the difficult work necessary to master the art, the art itself selects its worthy initiates and ultimately transforms them.


Keshi said...

wow I love the POWER that quote portrays!


Anonymous said...

Thats what drew me towards it...:)

shooting star said... keep posting on this as you progress