Thursday, October 9, 2008

Took this tag from keshi's latest post and here's my list....
Name five of your all time favourite movies....
Where eagles dare
The untouchables
Schindlers list

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Name one movie which you recommend a must see....

The Devil wears Prada, especially to our friend uttuswamy....

The one and only movie which you have seen the most number of times?

Where eagles dare...I can actually see this movie almost everyday. I still listen to the opening theme music on my cellphone whenever i m free...

Which movie comes to your mind when you think of a funny movie?

Carry on Cleo for me has been the most hilarious movie so far...every time i see Kenneth Williams as Julius Cesar on screen i just cant stop laughing and Sid James as Mark Anthony was too good...:)

Which movie made you really emotional?

The only movie where in the end i had a lump in my throat, before i watched Munich and Schindlers list, i always thought Speilberg was an overrated director, but after i watched these two movies i have a great respect for the director.
Which movie series do you think as interesting as the first part of the series?

When i first saw this movie during my adoloscent days, it made a great impact on me and inspired me that even the underdogs hv a chance in life if you give everything u hv in urself, i still watch this movie when i m down & out and it still works the same way.

Which movie series did not lived upto your expectation?
Ocean's twelve. Somehow i wasn't amused like i was in Ocean's eleven. The story was quite predictable.
Which movie really surprised you?

Aag, supposedly inspired by sholay...bloodyhell i was so excited when Amitabh Bachchan was signed for the role of Gabbar Singh...but Good lord! Mohanlal with his horrible mallu accent, Nisha Kothari with her ever so cheap antics screwed up the whole movie. Sometimes i feel i must raise funds and give it to her and get a promise from her that she wont do any movies in future. Even Ajay Devgan disappointed me terribly, the only solace was during the scenes when Mr.Bachchan would appear.


starry nights said...

I like your list of movies and I also watched Devil wears Prada a number of times.

Keshi said...

wow nicely done Southy!

**Where eagles dare

omg those 2 movies were my dad's favs too! Do all men in the Forces think alike? :)

I rem watching 'Where eagles dare' a million times at home with him..I was so small then...a lil girl. And that's when Clint Eastwood first came into my head...and ended up loving his 'Bridges of Madison County' later on in my adult life. Now I know why my dad respected and adored Clint Eastwood as a fine actor.

I must watch Schindlers List. Alot of ppl recommended that one.

o u Rocky maniac ;-)


Keshi said...

**Devil wears Prada

loved it! A TOTAL chick-flick :)


Southpaw unplugged said...

Thanks lalitha...:)

All men who love action think alike...:P

Where eagles dare was Clint eastwood's biggest movie in those days...:)
Keep ur tissues ready when u watch Schindlers list, coz i m sure u'll need it, its a fantastic movie...

**Devil wears Prada

loved it! A TOTAL chick-flick :)
****Yeah, but i love the message in the story...:)

Keshi said...

yep :) I will see it next!


Anonymous said...

Nice List.....!

Hubby has recommeded Schindlers List since long...but at the same time taking into consideration my sensitivity quotient he says you better stay away from such high impact making movies.

Speilberg is the man with RANGE..give him any subject and he has the capacity to turn the movie into landmark....look at the diff between the theme of Jurassic Park...Titanic...Schindlers List..ET...Jaws (correct me if am wrong)..back home we are blessed with Mr.Shekhar Kapoor having such range...on one end its 'Mr.India'..and on the other theres 'The Bandit Queen' with others like 'Masoom' inbetween.

from Carry On series I lurvveeedd the one with Olympics scenes...dun remember the name though.



Southpaw unplugged said...

No no u can surely watch that movie as long as u dont decide to curse the nazis..:P

Sweetstickychewy said...

Carry on Cleo sounds like a good movie...:)

And Ocean 12. Loved that show!:D

Southpaw unplugged said...

Try it sometime, u'll hv cramp in the stomach laughing...:)

Solitaire said...

This is a nice tag going around. Makes me realize how far behind I am in watching all these movies that people are talking about.

Will you believe it if I told you that I saw Sholay for the first time two months ago?

Anonymous said...

Yes i will believe u coz u may nt believe when i'll say i hv not watched Titanic so far, i hv not watched a single SRK movie, i hv not watched Da Vinci code or any of Tom Hanks movies....:)