Saturday, July 19, 2008

Keshi, remember i told you a post before at your place, that its never freezing out there....:P Now read the below article from rediff and see for yourself...:D

We've always known women can wield their breasts as a weapon, but did you know they're actually so powerful they can generate enough energy to keep an iPod playing?

Inspired by human-powered gadgetry, San Francisco-based freelance writer Adrienne So approached scientists on a whim to determine whether specially-created bras could harness and channel the energy of breast movement. And it turns out they can! (Read So's article from the UK's Indepedent here).

Moreover, this is not the first time such a novel idea has been explored -- back in May, lingerie giant Triumph International Japan [Images] launched a solar-powered bra in Tokyo, one powerful enough to keep an iPod running. However, So and her tech-minded friends back in the United States were looking to conceptualise a gadget that is not weather-dependent. Here's the scientific reasoning behind breast-powered gadgetry.

First on So's list was LaJean Lawson, a former professor of exercise science at Oregon State University and an expert on the subject of breast motion. Lawson works as a consultant for several prominent companies, helping them develop better sports bra designs. She explains that breast movement while walking, running etc takes place along three different axes -- from side to side, from front to back and up and down. Of the three, the most pronounced movements take place along the vertical axis, ie up and down. Naturally, the bigger the breasts, the more the momentum.

The trick then, is to create a bra that provides both support and comfort while simultaneously allowing optimum movement of the breasts -- towards this purpose, it has to be elastic, non-cleavage boosting and low-necked.

Moving to the more technical side of things, So had a meeting with Professor Zhong Lin Wang of Georgia Tech. Professor Wang has developed a fabric created from tiny nanowires, which upon friction against each other convert mechanical energy into an electric charge. Each nanowire is 1/1000th the width of a strand of human hair and together they are woven into a fabric, one square metre of which can effectively produce 80 milliwatts of power, enough to run a small device. Surprisingly enough, the fabric is cheap to produce and most efficient.

So also examined another theory to power the bra, speaking with Larry Rome, biology professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the creator of the Lightning Pack. The Lightning Pack is a gadget that generates kinetic energy from the vertical displacement of a heavy backpack -- it is meant for mountain hikes and military exercise. As it turns out, with a few minor alterations this theory can also be applied to create an energy-generating bra.

Says So, "Maybe it's not very sexy to see breasts as a pair of batteries, but oil prices are so high, people are jogging to work. It may be time for breasts to start pulling their own weight."


Keshi said...

wow this is some very interesting news Southy! :)

Tits being never thought of em that way.

See how POWERFUL they can be. And some women think I was talking dirty in my blog.

ty for this!

Love the music Southy. One of my fav songs.


Southpaw unplugged said...

And some women think I was talking dirty in my blog. ***What was dirty in a woman talking abt feminine asset?

See how POWERFUL they can be***Well i told u already that its never freezing there and when somethings' that hott, u can always convert it into energy(any energy)...:D lol

Love the music Southy. One of my fav songs.***Yeah very soothing...recently one of my colleague passed me this number...:)

Sweetstickychewy said...

Gee that would seriously be entertaining when it comes to being in some place where breasts serves as
an alternative.

interesting info.

Southpaw unplugged said...

:D i think the girls shud embrace this idea with open arms, otherwise it wud be like neglecting a very important source of energy...:P

Keshi said...

haha yeah POWERFUL indeedz!


Southpaw unplugged said...


uttara said...

a ha.. u read it huh??
isn't it interesting :p


Anonymous said...

Yes hottie, it is interesting...:)