Wednesday, July 30, 2008

# I am sad coz of the recent blasts in bangalore and ahmedabad.
# I am sad coz one of my friend is fighting with death in ahmedabad.
# I am sad coz even after having such a strong intelligence network it happened.
# I am sad coz now the netas will mint on the issue keeping aside the public trauma.
# I am sad coz i m away from my country and not able to contribute anything.
# I am sad coz the country and its netas forgot the 9th anniversary of Kargil victory.
# I am sad coz none of the netas or the media made a noise abt it.
# I am sad coz now they said the country was mourning on the recent blast.
# I am sad coz the national pride was compromised on a national mourning.
# I am sad coz everyone wants to move on with life, only to provide another opportunity to the
# I am sad coz even the general public is getting used to these bull-shit.
# I am sad coz for the first time in my life i m forced to say my country's not the best coz its full
of petty, selfish, compromising ppl.
# I am sad coz i hv really lost faith.


jitendra said...

"# I am sad coz everyone wants to move on with life, only to provide another opportunity to the
well said. i dont know whats with this "moving on". If everyone moves on, then what happens to the bloody terrorists.
btw, kahaan hain aap aajkal?

Southpaw unplugged said...

Everyone moves on, the netas utilize the public short memory and the terrorists they gain he moral victory only to inflict something even more dreadfull in future...
Mai filhaal Singapore me hu 5-6 mahino ke liye.

Sweetstickychewy said...

I am impressed with how you expressed yourself in this post.

Lets hope the sun start shining fast.

Take care Southpaw.


Keshi said...

Im very sorry abt it too. And Im very sorry to hear abt ur friend..I hope he recovers soon. God bless!

** I am sad coz everyone wants to move on with life, only to provide another opportunity to the

isnt that what we all do ALL THE TIME? Im sick of war, bombs and death too...but tell me Southy, is there really anything we can do abt Terrorism?

Wut Im trying to say is, as long as we humans r on this Earth, there'll always be death and destruction. SADLY.

I just dunno how we can stop that. It starts with the Individual. But ppl r so different from one another, that it seems to very impossible to teach Sanity to the Insane!


Keshi said...

**it seems impossible to teach Sanity to the Insane


Southpaw unplugged said...

I will.

I dont know abt other countries, India has a history of forgiving bastards in the name of non-violence and i guess its high time we take the war in their backyard and inflict ten times more than what they r doing to the general public and make an example out of them so that the ones who r keen to support them think twice. There has to be an end to this. The government shud really tighten their balls and deal with them with iron fist.

Keshi said...

I agree...some countries dun hv a harsh punishment system. But Middle Eastern countries hv severe punishment systems but they r the WORST when it comes to Terrorism. Wut d u think abt that Southy?


Anonymous said...

Correct and the reason behind it is they were the ones who had the concept of providing merceneries in the past and now they r paying for it...

Anonymous said...
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phoenix said...



dont loose the faith it will help you tide through the tough times

god speed

Keshi said...

I dun get it...if there's a strong system of punishment, shouldnt it become an effective deterrent?


Keshi said...

I guess the ans lies in HUMAN NATURE. No matter what punishment system we hv, people will always be who they r.


Solitaire said...

Don't be. It will eventually all work out (hopefully). Hope your friend recovers soon.

Pecos Blue said...

I am sorry and hope he gets well soon. I am wishing you a much better tomorrow.

Southpaw unplugged said...

Thanks phoenix...:)

Maybe u r damn right on this one...

He is still struggling...:(

@Pecos blue
Lets hope so...thanks...:)