Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mark Anthony caught up with Cleopatra at orchard road…:D

Wondering whats up with that? Well after a draining day at work, I called up a hot lady named Mahalaxmi, who is also our Uttara’s company’s Managing Director…:P . She had come to Singapore for 3 days for hopping and shopping and we first caught up with each other on Sunday. Initially it was a bit formal but gradually we hit off well and she asked me to buzz her whenever I was free again, ahem ahem..

So yesterday evening after my work I buzzed her to know how her evening looked like. First she lovingly blasted me for not buzzing her on Monday evening and then mellowed down and confirmed to meet up at California Pizza centre in half an hour. Once I reached there, there’s nothing like catching up with such a hot lady after a hard and long day’s work…:P, we chatted on lot of things and had a really good time and finally unfortunately we had to conclude the date as I had to leave for KL on an official trip.

Oops forgot to mentioned I have an open date with her whenever I m in Mumbai…:D


uttara said...

Wah wah wah...

cleopatra huh?? uufff hehehhe btw u got the taste of the medicine?? ( i mean getting a blast from her ) hehehe

and the hot sexy lady has gone shopping left right n centre hehehe she bought me a pair of shoes and ummmm a bag nenenenene :P

n ya u must have done some jadoo on her cos she is one kind who will say go to hell if she doesnt have but fortunately ur luck is good with BABES :P hai na?? that she blasted for not calling her.. n how u cud call her? u were not well.. Hope u r feeling better...

**Oops forgot to mentioned I have an open date with her whenever I m in Mumbai…:D

this line has made me "J" completely i was the only one who was fortunate enuf to meet u in Mumbai but now... sigh!!! i got a damn COMPANY ooopsss i'm still J :P

when are u calling me to singapore lemme come there n give u a wack :P hehehehhe

hey i'm happy :) that u guys met :)

*smiles*at mark anthony :)

n now u going to KL n meet some hot hot women there 2 :P

Anonymous said...

I guess...Sumone has got powerful Venus (though am not into Astrology at all....but showing off my limited knowledge...hehe)....laage chhe have mumbai ni tamari trips regular thai jashe....!

Uttu...u got tough competition...seems....pull your socks...babesss...!!



Southpaw unplugged said...

Yeah had to spell some cast on her and i was glad she was impressed...:D

Oh yeah she does have a hard competition...:P

Sweetstickychewy said...

:) Good to know you have been having good fun Southpaw:D

Am happy to see you are enjoying your stay!:D


Southpaw unplugged said...

Oh yeah prettygirl, i m enjoying every bit of it...:D

Astral said...

and i land up here after ages to read this buddy!

make sure you do what you told me over the sms today, def after this!!!!!!!! otherwise i will be cold (can't be hot to suit your taste, right?)

Southpaw unplugged said...

Suchi darling...i'll keep my promise this time, TRUST me...:)