Friday, December 7, 2007

Teri yaad saath hai...:)

P.s :-The song playing is exactly what i hv been feeling these days away from my sweetheart....


Jewel Rays said...

I love the pic.

uttara said...

Oh mymymymymymymymymy!!!!!!!!


my gooodnesss she is one lucky person on earth...:D and when do i get to meet her now?? say say .. tell tell.. Am sure ur sweetheart would me missing you equally :)

tell kavy that we could meet when she is here in town.... :D btw i rem she had promised me she wud meet me when she comes to mumbai....

BTW I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song i listen to this everydayyyyyyyyy . Its just beautifullllllll


Southpaw unplugged said...

I love it too...:D

Yes i know u listen to that song during ur work-outs and i wonder what u do at that time....hahahahaha...:))

uttara said...

good na:) woh song jab bhi bhajta hai teriiiiiiii yaaaaaaaaaaad saaaaaaaaaath haiiiiiiiii lol

yaar meri trainer na sach main pagal hai she will put all romantic songs in the morning.. i dont feel like working out .. usko bohot gaali deti hu i feel like snuggling into the bed n sleeping instead of working

i wish u were there:p hahahhahaha

kuch aur nahi usko tough voice main bole i don't like this kind of music change the music

Southpaw unplugged said...

Dumbo! she herself must be in a diff trip u see...:P hahahaha