Monday, August 27, 2007

There's nothing like a quickie on an early rainy morning....:P


Jewel Rays said...

hehehe...hmmmm. nice. *giggles*

Glad you had a good start to the morning..heheheh!:D

Cheeries!! Have a Good week ahead.:D

uttara said...

yaar.. morning quickie ki baat mat kar...:p


u know the punishment i am gonna give for putting this?? loll

damn mere liye kuch fayda nai ... awwww ... *dreammmmmmmmmmz *


Southpaw unplugged said...

@Jewel rays
U hv a great week ahead as well pretty girl...:)

Morning quickie ki nai to thik hai, evening quickie ki baat karu? office quickie ki baat karu? good bye quickie? bol kiski baat karu??? :P lolz

Poo said...

quickiee.... ooooo Jab Din ki shuruwat itni acchi ho ...tho kya baat !!!!

Have a Great Day :))

I am fine. aap kaise ho. Been away from Blogging ... getting bored!!! So i have started to read Novels n novels :))

uttara said...


u r sooo sweeet :) and i loveddd the answer..
na na i like the morning quickie than others :P

*sigh* i am sighing too much now..:P

uttara said...

**Morning quickie ki nai to thik hai,
:P ye who ekdam mast

**evening quickie ki baat karu?
ya after a nice hot shower .. YES u can

***office quickie ki baat karu?
if any guy who is a hotttie in the office.. then y not:P something on the couch n glass table..lols

***good bye quickie?
this is amazing.. it leaves a loving memory :):):) sooo yummm
ahem ahem

***bol kiski baat karu??? :P lolz

aur kuch baaki hai ?? :P lol

Anonymous said...

Well...well..taapmaan badhega to baarish hogi...baarish hogi to phir taapmaan badhega...ufff ye vicious(?) circle.....hehe..!!


Southpaw unplugged said...

Okay to novels padha jaa rahi aajkal...:)

Oyee bas kar basanti...:D
Office ki to tu sochna bhi nai, waise hi tera budhdha boss tere chakkar me hero banne gaya aur first floor se kudkar aaj bhi langda raha hai....hahahahaha

Hahahaha indeed it is...:)))

uttara said...

@ raj...

yaar woh budhdha sala .. he is one chance maru and i have all the excuses to move away..lolll
sala budhdha.. lol

office ki baat karungi bilkul karungi.. as i rem someone pleading to get a job in my office.. hahahhaha

ruko woh offer ko reject karti hu pehele:p

lol and another thing isse mujhe ye baat yaad aa rahi hai.. u were suppose to design my KRA..rem?? :D :D :D and give me a job as ur

Anonymous said...

Guess...Government should take help of you guys in Drought Affected Areas...and you can do Philanthrophy through.....jawa do aagad nathi bolti....hehe..!!


Southpaw unplugged said...

Sure, but i m sure u remember the terms and conditions and the dresscode....hahahahahaha...:)))

Anytime ma'am, anything for aapnu gujarat....:D

uttara said...

**Sure, but i m sure u remember the terms and conditions and the dresscode....

i agree the terms and conditions.. hahahahahahahahahhahahahah
u know how well i can keep my words na :p



Southpaw unplugged said...

Yesh yesh i know i can take ur words to the bank...:D

uttara said...

lmao@ taking my word to the bank..

ok take it :p they will treat u like a king the way girls treat u .. hahahhahahaha

My word!! can't imagine the site ..:D :D :D hahahhaha

Southpaw unplugged said...

Ha beta dekh sapne deen me...:P

shooting star said...

thats very ture!!! i can vouch from my personal experience!!;)