Monday, March 12, 2007

see myself holding you close to me
squeezing your body tight
but for all i see as i daydream
i know that ill get you.....tonight

running my palms across your breast
as you tremble and bite your lip
feeling your hands upon my chest
the softness of each fingertip

tasing your neck, so sweet, so soft
and slowly lowering my kiss
over your nipples across your navel
and finally into pure bliss

looking upon your face fom below
as you tilt back your head
feeling your fountains begin to flow
as you ease back on the bed

your "innocent little devil" look
crying insatiably with the sensation
lip to lip lapping up every drip
from the well of your creation

the way you pull me up by the hair
to the heat of your mouth on fire
no other thouhts, not a care
just the quenching of mad desire

riding the tide of passion
pushing my love into you
on the waves of your emotion
in slow motion, so sweet, so true

pulse pounding in resounding rapture
taken to the edge, then just past
rhythm growing, faces glowing
the climax coming fast

the heated illicit look
of ecstacy across your eyes
the culmation nearing
within your undulating thighs
echoing throughout the heavens
on overindulgent cries

the sultry look upon your face
in reaching that gyrating gush
the way you bite my fingers
when i try to make you hush

your arching back, your fingernails
your perfume mixed with sweat
the way you keep rubbing against me
your insides already so wet

the way when im beat dead and ready
to fall asleep face first on the floor
you put your sweet lips to my ear
and whisper, "i want more"


KCS said...

¿por qué es usted el escribir todo el esto en el blog?

Southpaw unplugged said...

soy bebés apesadumbrados si usted didnt tiene gusto de él

uttara said...


ahem ahem ..


Keshi said...

ooh lala!


Southpaw unplugged said...



uttara said...

u know wat.. its very ahem

on serious notes i dont have words to express :) its way too beautiful and expressive for ur beautiful wife !!

love is intense..