Saturday, February 24, 2007

It started with a look always does


Sangita said...

my my my :D indeed it starts with a look :)

KCS said...

whoever clicked those snaps and you who chose to make a slideshow out of it both deserve a round of applause :) . Perfect display of the game of SEDUCTION in 3 snaps.

Sunita said...

Yes yes and u r so innocent that u just flow with the emotions...hehehehehehe

Southpaw unplugged said...


Thank u thank u thank u...:P

ahem ahem well yeah...:P

Keshi said...

I cant see this slideshow :(


Southpaw unplugged said...

u can't or u dont want to see something like that at this hour of the day...:P

Keshi said...

lol nah now I saw em thru email, tnxx!

goshhhh HOT pics! but I believe there r much better-looking boobs ard the world LOL!


Anonymous said...

Ofcourse there r, but its not abt the boobs its abt the expression and feeling...:)

uttara said...
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